According to many studies, the academic performance of a child can be affected by their natural intelligence, socio-economic status, psychological dispositions, self-beliefs as well as confidence. The confidence is very important in every individuals like in job interviews, exams, public speaking and even in our daily experiences. Research reveals that individuals who obtain very low scores on a test tend to be more overconfident than those with high scores.

"The findings with the post-assessment confidence point to a need to make people aware of how well they are doing on a test and how to avoid rash decisions to submit answers that may be incorrect. Individuals should have a balanced perception of their abilities. If a low-ability person with high confidence frequently makes risky decisions he or she is bound to fail. At the same time, a high-ability person with low confidence may take a conservative approach to a challenge. The aim should be to assure high-achieving students of their competence."

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