A company has recently collected a data on best universities for high-paying jobs in finance. Seven among the top 15 universities are British Universities. The survey was based on the salary of 700 London finance professionals who graduated after 2011. Included are those who graduated from BA, BSc and Masters degrees, but excludes MBAs. The top 15 European universities are:

  1. Ecole Polytechnique, France
  2. London Business School, UK
  3. Ecole Centrale Paris, France
  4. Universita Comerciale Luigi Bocconi, Italy
  5. HEC Paris, France
  6. ESCP PEurope, France
  7. EDHEC, France
  8. ESSEC, France
  9. University of Cambridge, UK
  10. University of Oxford, UK
  11. Imperial College London, UK
  12. Cass Business School, UK
  13. Universite Paris Dauphine, France
  14. Birkbeck College, UK
  15. London School of Economics, UK

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