An article posted by Agenda that list down the best US colleges according to hiring managers. Top in the list is the Harvard University and MIT is on the second spot. Additionally, survey-takers noted that business and engineering are the majors most likely to help students become successful after graduation, with 37% and 24.7% response rates, respectively. The list of the 25 schools are:

  1. Harvard University

  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  3. Stanford University

  4. Yale University

  5. Princeton University

  6. Duke University

  7. Columbia University

  8. University of Pennsylvania

  9. Dartmouth College

  10. University of California at Berkeley

  11. TIE: California Institute of Technology

  12. TIE: Cornell University

  13. University of Chicago

  14. US Naval Academy

  15. Northwestern University

  16. Georgetown University

  17. University of Michigan at Ann Arbor

  18. University of Virginia

  19. Johns Hopkins University

  20. US Military Academy

  21. Carnegie Mellon University

  22. Brown University

  23. New York University

  24. University of Notre Dame

  25. Boston College

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