Tanza Loudenback posted an article at Agenda on the best colleges in the US to study business. The ranking was based on the combination of data from a reader survey, each school’s average SAT score from College Board, and the median starting salary from PayScale.

Here are the 25 best colleges where the most students study business:

  1. University of Pennsylvania

  2. Georgetown University

  3. University of Notre Dame

  4. Georgia Institute of Technology

  5. Washington University in St. Louis

  6. University of Virginia

  7. New York University

  8. Northeastern University

  9. Emory University

  10. University of Southern California

  11. Boston College

  12. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  13. Wake Forest University

  14. University of Texas at Austin

  15. Babson College

  16. Lehigh University

  17. Boston University

  18. Villanova University

  19. Purdue University

  20. Washington and Lee University

  21. Pennsylvania State University

  22. Claremont McKenna College

  23. University of Wisconsin at Madison

  24. College of William and Mary

  25. George Washington University

Read the full article at agenda.weforum.org