We all knew what students we can find in every campus but what about professors? You may find boring or interesting lectures from them but this article from The Telegraph will walk you through the 11 types of professors you can expect to see on campus.

  1. The Golden Oldie: They spent their lectures can range in length from 30 minutes to two hours.
  2. The Top-Dog: They the BNOC because of their achievements both inside or outside the campus. They are leading figures in their respective fields.
  3. The Heart-throb: As the name says it, they are the not typical type of lecturers. A one lecturer who you’ll find yourself worryingly drawn to.
  4. The Wannabe: The Wannabe will frequently hint at joining you for a quick drink at the union, so make sure to be on your guard at all times.
  5. The Indiana Jones Imitator: Beyond teaching classes or running seminars, they’ll always be out in the field working on their research in a niche subject like British Celtic history or palaeontology.
  6. The Radical: Communism, socialism, libertarianism – these guys have tried it all.
  7. The Philosopher: A know-it-all professor.
  8. The Newbie: Fresh-faced, eager to get started, observably excitable, this lecturer is very much the academic fresher.
  9. The ‘Nutty Professor’: Each lecture offers a new and bizarre experience courtesy of their eccentric mannerisms, and crowd participation is usually a guarantee – much to the horror of students shirking to avoid a question they simply don’t know the answer to.
  10. The Technophobe: Quite simply, this professor hates anything remotely modern or shiny.
  11. The ‘Ross-a-tron’: Despite their goofy, bumbling, and socially awkward demeanour, this professor is like the lame family uncle you just can’t help but love.

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