Can archaeology prove or disprove the Bible? This tricky question is a sample question published by Oxford University for aspiring Oriental Studies aiming to place an entry at their university. It will be a difficult one to answer because one will need to recognise and carefully examined the Bible and archaeological evidence to come up with an academic answer.

Dr Alison Salvesen, oriental studies tutor at Mansfield College said, "I would be looking for an answer that showed the candidate could appreciate the Bible was a collection of documents written and transmitted over several centuries, and containing important traditions that have a bearing on history, but that academic study of the Bible means it has to be examined carefully to see when and where these traditions had come from and for what purpose they had been written. In the end I would hope the candidate would work towards a realisation of the very different nature of these types of evidence, which sometimes gives a complementary picture, while in others it may be contradictory."

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