TASIS England is an English school that has a lot to offer located in Thorpe, Surrey. They offer English language program for a 3-week session or a combined 6-week session. Students can choose to take the first or second session, or the full six-week session. Upon arrival, students takes a test to determine his/her level and placed in the appropriate class. The course will improve your grammar, speaking, writing, and reading. The minimum age requirement to study is from 10-17 years old and instructions are provided from elementary to advanced levels.

In addition to the 15 hours of intensive English language instruction and the four-hours-and-ten minutes of an elective course each week, students are assigned 5-6 hours of homework each week.

The 3-week session costs £1,265 per week while the 6-week session costs £1,063.33 per week.

The course will start on the following dates: 24 June 17 and 17 July 17.

To apply for this course, please visit our course page here.