This degree introduces you to key issues and problems that have shaped anthropological thought. You'll study human society and culture, and will develop an understanding of the relevance of anthropology for understanding contemporary cultural issues.

In the first two years, you concentrate on basic anthropological concepts - such as kinship, ritual, world systems, and development - and on methods of studying and analysing these, including the use of video, film, and written texts. You can also study two regions of the world in depth. In your final year(s) you can specialise by choosing a selection of option topics. There's also the opportunity for individual project or dissertation work.

This course is available through clearing for UK and EU applicants. Call the Clearing Hotline on 0207 078 5300 to make your application or you can apply online through their website.

You can also visit the Go Enrol's course page here to read more information about this course.