The General English courses are designed for people who want to learn English for work, study or pleasure.

Burlington School have students of all ages, from 16 upwards, from all over the world. The classes focus on all aspects of the language, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Students can add to these lessons in the elective classes. These classes build on the language from the main sessions, with a focus on communication and practical skills.

Lessons give students the opportunity to learn and use English in realistic situations, and their teachers give regular homework to help you practice.

This course consists of 40 hours of General English lessons.

The classes use a range of methodologies and activities to help students learn and use the language.

The classes use a set coursebook, and these are supplemented with authentic materials, video and interactive technology. There are regular progress tests and tutorials, which helps the teachers identify students’ strengths and weakness, and allows the students to check their progress in English.

Course price starts at £315 per week. To view the full pricing for this course, please visit the course page here.